Let Water Restoration Pros Check Beyond The Drywall

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The sounds of water dripping beyond your drywall should raise alarms. To their detriment, many homeowners don't want to deal with leaks beyond repairing the problem on the roof. After all, once a minor issue such as a loose shingle or another wind-related damage receives a fix, the dampness beyond the sheetrock should dry up by itself. How long before the wood dries, though? And do you know if every leak is eliminated? Taking a lax attitude can be self-deceiving, and assuming nothing more is wrong may prove disastrous. Perhaps working swiftly with a water damage restoration team would make more sense.

The Problems with Damp Wood

The wood inside the walls performs essential purposes, including support, insulation, and more. Once wet, wood becomes susceptible to both mold and rot. Structural weaknesses and damage can follow. Holes in the wood panels inside the drywall will probably appear as the wood crumble. As soon as gaps emerge, insulation issues are sure to occur. Holes do more than create a portal for air to travel through. Perhaps rodents and other pests may use the holes as a doorway to find a new home — yours. And don't overlook the health hazards associated with the presence of mold. Too many question marks may remain when you don't call in a water restoration team to check things out.

Beware the Homeowner's Insurance Policy

Homeowner's policies do prove incredibly helpful when the time comes to pay for repair and restoration services. Not every policy, however, covers every loss under any circumstance. Policies do contain exclusions. You may find your contract excludes anything related to collapses. When the beams are in poor condition, the roof or second floor could sink. Leaving the beams wet could lead to their degradation. Drying out the beams could preserve them. And honestly, if the lumber looks like it requires replacing, doing so may be wise. The costs of repairing a collapse could be enormous. Always think about future expenses when dealing with repair and restoration work in the "here and now."

Restoration Steps Are Worth It

The restoration team may find itself forced to cut away the drywall, to a homeowner's chagrin. The cost of replacing the drywall will probably be worth it. The restoration team can unleash a mold-killing spray on any spores while using dehumidifiers to dry out dampness. The experienced eyes of the team members could make assessments about damaged wood. It is helpful to know what wood pieces need to go.

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