Water Damage Repair: Which Type Of Water Do You Have?

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If your home has suffered water damage, you as the homeowner are likely struggling to figure out what to do. Most people can handle some small, basic flooding on their own. However, when you come home from a vacation to find a couple of feet of water in your basement it's a whole different story. Hiring water damage repair services may be necessary, depending on which type of water flooded your home. Did you know that there are three different types of water?

Clean Water

Most harmless floods happen with the first type, which is clean water. This may be found due to pipes that are leaking, rain seeping in from the walls or ground, or condensation from a humid area. If you have a clean water flood, dry the area with towels, use a dehumidifier to pull water from the air, and make sure to stop the leak. Most clean water floods are easy to clean and do not have lasting problems once the water is gone. 


Graywater is water that is pretty clean but still could contain contaminants like bacteria, human cells, soap, food particles, and oil. It is not extremely dangerous, though you should still take great care when cleaning up a gray water spill. Graywater floods could happen due to a washer or dishwasher leaking, a toilet overflowing (clean or with urine), or a sump pump failing to do its job. Graywater should be cleaned up as quickly as possible since left unchecked bacteria and mold spores can form. Since this type of water has human cells and potentially bacteria present, you should use gear to clean it up. Otherwise, an infection could potentially be acquired, should the person cleaning the flood have open sores or broken skin. 


Blackwater is extremely dangerous and should be taken care of by a professional. Blackwater contains sewage or untreated water, which can harness bacteria and mold, posing a great threat to human beings if ingested or direct contact is made. There are many ways blackwater may make an appearance in your home including but not limited to septic tank flooding, a soiled toilet overflowing, or a high water table. Blackwater can be a huge challenge to clean up since you will need to decontaminate everything as you clear each area. 

Prices for water damage repair services vary based on which type of water you have, so make sure to tell your chosen professionals when you call for an estimate. 


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