All About Lead-Based Paint In Your Home

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Homes that were built before the ban on lead paint, which happened in the late 70s, may contain lead-based paint. These homes were grandfathered into the ban. This means that since the homes were already in existence and had already been painted with the paint that contained lead, they were allowed to remain as is, but homes painted after the ban on lead paint had to be painted with the appropriate paint that no longer contained lead. If you live in an older home that may have lead-based paint still, you want to read this article to learn more about that paint, what it may mean to you, and what your options are to get rid of it.

How do you know your home has lead paint?

Aside from simply going off of the age of the home and assuming it has led paint, there is a kit that can be used to actually test the paint. Paint chips can be sampled with the kit. The chips will be tested with the use of a swab that will change colors to indicate the results. If someone who is color blind is performing the test, then they will need someone who isn't color blind to review the results for accuracy, since it is a color-based result.

How can lead enter your body?

Since lead is dangerous to your health, it is important for you to clearly understand the various ways that it can enter your body. It can be eaten, which is the major concern when you have children living in your home who tend to put just about anything into their mouths. However, it can also enter into anyone's system by way of inhalation, such as when dust enters the air and is breathed in.

 How can you get rid of lead-based paint?

One thing you can do to protect yourself and anyone else in the household against lead-based paint is to apply fresh coats of non lead-based paint over the concerning paint. However, this is only advisable if the paint that you will be having painted over is in good shape with none of it peeling or chipping. Also, be sure you don't plan on having any of those parts of the home sanded at any point in the future, or the lead can become a huge health risk during the sanding process.

The best thing you can do that will give you fail-safe protection from lead at any point in the future is to have the lead-based paint completely removed through lead abatement. This is something that must be done by someone who is lead abatement certified, which takes special training. Such a contractor will be able to make your home lead-free, so you know the issue will no longer be there on any level.

Contact a lead paint abatement service to learn more.

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