5 Things Fire Damage Restoration Services Do To A Home

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Having even a small fire in your home can lead to substantial devastation. Not only are some of the materials in your home burnt, but there is water all over from the fire department having done their job! Thankfully, you can hire a fire damage restoration company to repair the damage and make your home livable again. But what, exactly, will these teams do?

Pump Out Water

If you just wait for the house to dry out naturally, you will be waiting for months — and you'll get a ton of mold growth in the meantime. If you instead hire a fire damage restoration company, they will pump most of the excess water out of the house to accelerate the drying process and thwart mold growth. They can use big fans and dehumidifiers to remove excess moisture from the air after pumping, too.

Remove Mold

Depending on how long the home sits before the restoration team actually gets to it, mold growth may have begun once they arrive. It only takes a couple of days! The team can use bleach and other substances to remove any mold that is present early on, preventing it from continuing to replicate and cause issues throughout the home.

Replace Burned Materials

The restoration team will also remove and replace any flooring, carpeting, wallboard, and other materials that were either burned or ruined by the water. They may not do finish work like painting, but they will get the home right up to the finishing stage and then either let you finish the home yourself or hire someone else to do it. 

Check the Electrical

Even if the electrical system in your home did not cause the fire, it may have been damaged by the fire. You don't want to use it until the restoration team has checked it out to make sure it's safe. Most companies employ electricians to ensure this part of the process is done properly.

Repair Holes

Sometimes the fire company has to cut holes in walls or floors in order to spray water onto the fire safely. If this was true in your home, the restoration company can fix those holes. They may patch them, or they may remove and replace the building materials. It depends on the extent and location of the damage.

To learn more about the services offered by a fire damage restoration team, give one a call.

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