Get Your Claw-Footed Tub Resurfaced

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If you have an old fashioned, cast iron, claw-footed bathtub in need of repair and resurfacing, it may not be easy for you to take that tub down to a shop to get it resurfaced. Those tubs can be very heavy and rather awkward to try and move them around. However, there are other ways that you can get your tub resurfaced. That includes calling a service that will come out to your house and resurface your tub for you. There are a few steps to getting your tub resurfaced. 

Remove Fixtures

The first thing that the people doing the resurfacing of your tub are going to have to do is to remove the fixtures on the tub, or masking off anything that can't be removed. Doing that will make sure that the fixtures don't get ruined. 

Remove Paint

The next step is to remove any paint on the tub. There are various kinds of paint removal products that the resurfacing company can use to get rid of any paint that is in the interior of the tub. They will need to make sure that there is plenty of ventilation for this step because some of those chemicals can release toxic fumes. 

Sand Everything

Once all the paint is all removed, it will be time to prepare the surface. To do that, the people doing the resurfacing will have to sand everything down to get rid of as much damage as possible as well as to make sure that there isn't any leftover paint or other dirt that could cause the new surface to not stick onto the surface. If there is anything left on the surface or any damage to the tub, it will be obvious when the new surface goes on that those things are still there. 

Spray the Surface

Once everything has been done, the techs are going to be able to put the new surface on your tub. They will do it pretty much the same way that you would use a paint sprayer, only it's going to be an enamel mixture that will be more durable than just paint would be. It may take a couple of coats to get the coverage and thickness that your tub should have. 

If you want to make sure that your tub looks good then you need to get it resurfaced so that it will look as good as new. 

For more information, reach out to companies that provide onsite surface repair services.

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