4 Home Maintenance Projects To Do This Spring

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When you own a home, spring is a great time not just for cleaning, but for staying on top of various home maintenance projects. This spring dedicate some time to not just cleaning your home but taking care of your home.

Project #1: Take Care of Your Roof

The first project you should take on is your roof. Your roof could use a regular maintenance check by a professional. Any tiles that came off during the winter will need to be replaced. The area around the chimney may need to be resealed, as well as any vents or skylights on your roof. There are lots of little things that can be fixed on your roof each year.

Remember, your roof includes your gutters. The start of spring is a great time to clean your gutters and make sure the fascia boards under the gutters are in good standing.

Project #2: Clean Your Siding

Next, you should clean the siding on your house at least once a year. The easiest way to clean your siding is to use a pressure washer to remove all the dirt that has built up over the past year. Once you clean your siding, take some time to inspect the overall condition of your siding.

If you find any area where the siding is exposed, repaint it. If you find any loose siding pieces, reattach them or replace them. If your siding just isn't in good shape, it may be time to consider replacing the siding.

Project #3: Slope Dirt Away From Your Home

Over time, it is easy for the dirt around your home to start to slope towards your home, instead of away from your home. It is important that the dirt around the foundation of your home slopes away from your home. This will help prevent water from getting into your crawlspace or basement and will also help protect your basement.

You may need to bring in some new dirt to help slope everything away from your home. It is a good idea to also put down a layer of gravel once you have the ground properly sloped. The gravel will help filter the water and will help reduce the amount of dirt that splatters up onto your siding, keeping your house cleaner.  

Project #4: Seal Coat Your Driveway

If you have an asphalt driveway, spring is a great time to seal coat your driveway. Applying a fresh protective coat every year will help protect your driveway from wearing down, allowing you to get more years out of your driveway. Plus, putting down a new layer of seal coating will make it look like you just paved your driveway. Your driveway will pop and increase the curb appeal of your home.

This spring go beyond cleaning your home and dig into some maintenance projects that will help to keep your home in good condition. Talk to a home maintenance company for more information.

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