Why It's Worth It To Reupholster Your Parent's Sofa

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If a piece of furniture gets tears, too many stains, or starts to look run down, it is common to toss it and get another couch, chair, or table. This course of action can be a big waste in terms of materials and money. Instead of throwing out a couch, you should have the furniture reupholstered and fitted to your home. Here are three reasons it is worth it to reupholster an older sofa rather than replace the piece. 

If the sofa is sturdy, stick with it

When purchasing a new piece of furniture, most people are concerned about how the furniture fits with the appearance of the other furniture in the room. The next item that people pay attention to is how the furniture piece fits into the room. It is far down the list for people to check out the actual material of the bones of the furniture. Some furniture that is being mass made is built with inexpensive materials that may not last for many years. If you have a sofa from your parents or another family member that is made of strong, thick wood, it is better to repurpose this strong furniture than to take a chance with a new piece. 

Upholstery will be to your exact liking

Most people get something that is close to what they were looking for in furniture but not exactly what they dreamed of. If you reupholster your furniture, you can select the exact color, exact material, and discuss the design of the furniture with your upholstery service. After a few short weeks, you can have the piece that you dreamed up in your head for your home. When you upholster an older furniture piece, you get exactly what you asked for and you do not have to decrease your expectations. 

You have a cool heirloom piece

Though it may not look just like it did in your parent's first home, it is rather cool to have an old piece of your parent's furniture inside of your home. A good, sturdy piece of furniture that can be passed from generation to generation is an heirloom worth keeping. An upholstered piece gives you something to pass down to your children, plus a story to tell. For everyone in the family to have the same sofa in their first place for generations is a major accomplishment and shows that previous generations made excellent choices in furnishings and money expenditure. 

For more information, reach out to a local upholstery service.

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