3 Reasons Water Damage Can Be So Problematic In A Mobile Home

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A large number of people of the United States live in mobile homes. These homes are practical and affordable and can be moved, all three of which make the dwellings ideal for a lot of prospective property owners. While mobile homes can definitely have their advantages, they can also pose their own unique challenges when something goes wrong, particularly when it comes to water damage. If your mobile home sustains any level of water damage, it is best if you work with a professional water damage restoration company to fix the problems. Here are a few reasons water damage repairs can be more difficult in a mobile home. 

Water damage is more likely to be widespread in a mobile home. 

Something like a burst water pipe or massive water spill inside a mobile home is more likely to lead to a widespread water-damage issue in a mobile home. A few reasons why this is the case include:

  • Water tends to travel faster inside a mobile home due to more porous materials 
  • Mobile homes are less likely to be perfectly level than a traditional home on a solid foundation 
  • Materials that separate one room from the next are not as thick or heavy and cannot hold back traveling water

Materials that make up the floors, ceilings, and walls are not as resilient to moisture. 

Mobile homes are built to be lightweight so they can be transported and moved, which means they can have materials that make up the primary structure that are thinner and more prone to absorbing water. For example, the floors in a mobile home may be made primarily out of pressed particle board, which absorbs water readily almost like a sponge. Unfortunately, this can make water damage restoration a lot harder to do without replacing a lot of components. 

Mold issues in a mobile home are more common than most people realize. 

If all of the water damage is not removed, and if moisture is still hanging around in certain components, it can lead to a mold issue in the mobile home. Since these homes are built to be lightweight with thinner building materials and less dense structural pieces, it is more common for moisture to seep into areas and contribute to a widespread mold problem. It is critical that you work with a water damage restoration service that has the necessary tools and skills to track down all moisture and get rid of it.

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