3 Questions To Ask Yourself When Buying A Glass Door For Your Retail Store

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One of the best ways of attracting customers to your retail store is by installing a full glass door. Glass creates an unobstructed view of the store's inside, and this allows passersby to check out the merchandise and possibly come in for a purchase. When buying a glass door, however, it's paramount to pay attention to issues such as performance, convenience, and security. With this in mind, here are three questions to help you make an informed purchase.

How Much Security Do You Need?

Glass isn't always one of the most secure materials for a commercial door. There are various thicknesses and qualities, depending on the desired level of security. If your store is within a secured building with additional security protocols, you may not need to worry much about someone breaking into the store. However, if security is a concern, you need to go for high-quality glass. 

Consider security glass that's resistant to breakage and damage. Also, remember to invest in a reliable locking or access control system as well. Pair your door with a burglar-resistant lock, anti-theft alarm, and even a surveillance system.

Do You Need a Sliding, Bi-Fold, or Single Door?

Door design is a crucial factor to consider when shopping around. There are three main options, and these are sliding, bi-fold, and single doors. Sliding glass doors slide to one side while bi-fold ones open by folding back in sections. Single doors are the conventional glass doors with a single panel. When choosing between these designs, think about the following:

  • Available installation space
  • Size of the door space
  • Convenience

A bi-fold door requires adequate space around it to open and fold. If your door area is large, you can play around with sliding and bi-fold designs instead of installing a single panel door. Finally, whatever style you choose should promote convenience. Ensure that your customers won't have a hard time operating the door.

Is Energy Efficiency a Priority?

When installing a glass door, it's essential to evaluate your energy efficiency goals. Is energy efficiency a priority for your store? If so, you want a door that will promote the overall efficiency of the store. Some features to look out for include the following:

  • Opt for low emissivity glass, which is designed to minimize the amount of UV and infrared rays that penetrate the glass
  • Get double-glazed glass which reduces heat loss and improves the acoustics of the door
  • Consider tinted glass to reduce solar glare during the day

All these features can improve the energy efficiency of the door and reduce your store's heating and cooling costs. 

Have these things in mind when shopping for a glass door for your retail store. Remember to hire an expert contractor for door installation services.

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