Three Causes of a Wet Basement

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Moisture in the basement isn't something that you want to ignore. A wet basement can lead to issues with mold and mildew, as well as be a symptom of a more severe structural problem. Determining the cause of the moisture trapped inside your basement will help inform the best steps to take to fix the problem.

1. Poor Landscape Grading

A properly graded yard routes water away from the home, not toward it. If the grading in your yard isn't sloped from the house sufficiently, water can collect next to the basement foundation walls. This puts pressure on the walls, which will lead to moisture eventually finding its way inside. A waterproofing service can regrade the yard so that water no longer pools against the foundation. They may also install an exterior or interior waterproofing membrane, depending on the severity of the water accumulation near the foundation.

2. Ineffective Subsurface Drainage

Poor draining around your foundation isn't just a result of grading. The soil type as well as the depth of the water table can also lead to water collecting near the walls of your home. Waterproofing services use two main strategies to combat this problem. The first is to install a subsurface drainage system around the exterior perimeter of your foundation. Water will seep into the drainage pipes around the foundation and safely route it into the storm drain system. The other tactic is to install an automatic sump pump and drainage trench inside the basement. When water does seep in, it is routed to the trench and the sump pump activates, safely moving the water out of your home.

3. Foundation Damage

Existing damage to the foundation can also lead to water in the basement, even if there are no exterior issues like poor grading or drainage. Water from damage leaks is typically worse during heavy rainfall events, then it all but disappears during dry weather. A waterproofing service will begin by patching the cracks that are allowing the water in. They will then seal the walls to prevent further moisture. How they seal depends on the extent of the damage and leaks. For minor problems, you may only need an interior coating of a sealant. For major leaks, it may be necessary to excavate around the exterior basement walls so a water seal membrane can be installed.

The good news is that you don't have to live with a wet basement. Contact a basement wall waterproofing service for more help.

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