Commercial Restorations To Repair Your Business After Catastrophe

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When your business experiences a catastrophic disaster, you want to get started on restorations right away. Repairs and improvements are needed to open your doors again. Therefore, you may require professional help to get started with these repairs. The following information will help you with commercial restorations that need to be done after a catastrophe.

Extracting Excess Water

The excess water that can get into your business due to flooding or severe plumbing problems needs to be removed. Therefore, you are going to need to have water extraction done. This should be the beginning of the commercial restorations.

In addition, you want to address issues with damaged utilities before having water extraction done. The utilities need to be repaired or shut off to ensure the repairs can be done safely. When you are assessing the damage, you will want to make sure that the electrical service is turned off in the damaged areas.

Dealing With Structural Issues

The structural issues with fire damage often require extensive repairs. The structure can be damaged due to the heat of the fire. Sometimes, this damage is less visible with structural steel. This is because the heat weakens the metal, and it may still appear to be intact. Therefore, you want to have these structural materials inspected.

Removing the Lingering Smoke Damage

The lingering smoke and soot is another problem that you will have to deal with. Sometimes, smoke damage can be worse than other issues. Therefore, when the restoration work is being done, you want to make sure to address the smoke and soot problems. This is done by thoroughly cleaning all the surfaces that have been in contact with the smoke. The cleaning will ensure the smell of smoke is gone after having fire damage restoration work done.

Dealing With Mold and Moisture Issues

The moisture problems in your business can lead to issues with mold. This can be caused by catastrophic water damage due to issues like flooding. It can also be due to more common moisture issues, which include:

  • Roof and exterior leaks
  • Problems with mechanical systems
  • Poor ventilation problems

The problems with poor ventilation can make mold growth worse if there has been a flood. Therefore, you want to make sure to update your business with improvements that address problems like poor ventilation.

The repairs can also include improvements to help protect your business from future catastrophes. Contact a commercial restoration contractor to start repairing and rebuilding your business.

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