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Like New Again: A Restoration Blog When you first come home to a house that has been ravaged by fire or flood waters, it can be overwhelming. You see carpets that were once plush and luxurious simple covered in ash or mold. Drywall is bubbling, and your wood floors are warped. Amazingly, restoration and repair companies can whip your home back into livable condition, making it like new again. This website was created to share knowledge and insight into the restoration process. If you're not sure whether hiring a restoration service is worth it, you should have a better idea after reading a few of our articles. We'll also share pieces on the various services repair companies offer, from carpet cleaning to drywall replacement.

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Tower Clock Repair And Restoration

Tower clocks historically have served an indispensable service for communities around the world. In addition to simply being an easy source of time-keeping for the genera

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Tips to Keep Mold at Bay This Summer

Mold and mildew are the very last things any homeowner wants to see growing inside their home. Mold can not only cause property damage, but it could also be a major healt

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Why It's Worth It To Reupholster Your Parent's Sofa

If a piece of furniture gets tears, too many stains, or starts to look run down, it is common to toss it and get another couch, chair, or table. This course of action can

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4 Home Maintenance Projects To Do This Spring

When you own a home, spring is a great time not just for cleaning, but for staying on top of various home maintenance projects. This spring dedicate some time to not just